Join RDx

1. Contact us

Email to express your interest in joining RDx to send or receive repertoire data.

2. Find out more

The RDx team will respond to discuss the onboarding process and provide instructions and the relevant information.

3. Come onboard

The RDx team will guide you through the onboarding process. This will include signing a user agreement, and helping to ensure you meet the technical standards.

4. Use RDx

With the onboarding process complete you will now be able to use the international data exchange system.

More information about joining RDx

  • How do I join RDx?
  • RDx is intended to be used by record companies around the world to deliver data to a range of Music Licensing Companies. In order to use the service, record companies (or their appointed agent) are required to (a) meet the required technical standards and (b) accept the user terms and conditions.

    Interested parties who meet the required technical standards and accept the user terms will be given access to further technical data about RDx via the RDx confluence pages.

    For information about terms and joining, contact   
  • As a record company, do I still need to be a member of Music Licensing Companies?
  • Yes. RDx is a mechanism for improving the delivery of your data to Music Licensing Companies but does not affect other aspects of the way performance rights work is managed.
  • Is RDx a replacement for registering recordings directly with Music Licensing Companies?
  • Yes, record companies can use RDx as a ‘one step’ single conduit through which they can register a recording with all participating MLCs. Since RDx is a data exchange service only, record companies still need to maintain membership and mandates with these Music Licensing Companies.
  • Is more technical information available, to help right holders and MLCs assess their capacity to join the service?
  • Yes. The starting point is knowledge of the DDEX RDR standards. DDEX provides a body of supporting technical material available on the standards for Recording Data and Rights. Those parties wishing to participate in RDx can get extensive additional technical and supporting information from the RDx team during the onboarding process.